This is a picture of me and my son taken this past August on my birthday. :) 

This is a picture of me and my son taken this past August on my birthday. :) 

Hey, there! I'm Kimma Smith, mama, gramma, artist, writer, nature lover and Christ follower. I believe in the power and magic of make believe and I love to let my inner child shine. 

I dream of a world where we all embrace that beautiful little child within each of us and live in that child-like wonder and delight. Imagine what the world would be like if we did!! :) 

Here's a little more about me in story form: 

Once upon a time there was a little girl who used to love to color and longed to be able to draw like some of her friends. It seemed so easy for them to just doodle and come up with cute drawings from their imagination. But no matter how much this little girl tried, she just couldn't seem to draw much from her imagination.

She was super good at copying though. She used to copy her mother’s Precious Moments (TM) dolls and she did quite well at it, but she didn't think that counted. She didn't realize that by continuing to copy she would grow and develop her drawing muscles. She didn't realize that by drawing lots and lots she would indeed be able to draw from her memory and imagination.

She became discouraged and stopped drawing and went on with her life.

When she was 18, she received the greatest gift she could have possibly been given - she became pregnant with a precious little boy. During her pregnancy she had this increasing pull to write.

She had always loved to read and been a voracious reader. One of her fondest and most vivid childhood memories (of which there are few) was learning to read in Kindergarten. While other kids were playing house or playing at the sand table or with blocks, she would often be found curled up on a bean bag in the reading corner, reading Dick and Jane books. Her love of reading took root and blossomed right there in that spot.

As a young pregnant, soon-to-be mom, this young lady began dreaming of writing children’s books. This dream seemed to have come from nowhere. Suddenly there it was! (The idea of illustrating children's books never even entered her mind at that point). And so one day she sat down and wrote her first children’s book. Oh, how she loved writing that little story! She even got up the courage to send it out to a few publishers - three, to be exact.

Several months later she had received all three rejection letters, and she thought that maybe she didn’t have what it took to be a children’s book writer. And so she focused on other things. However, that dream of writing children’s books never once left her. It stayed tucked away in her heart, often time so quietly that she completely forgot it was there. 

A few years later, her second greatest blessing in life came along - a beautiful precious baby girl.

Her dreams of becoming a mother were being fulfilled and they were the best times of her life. She was so happy as a stay-at-home mom and decided to homeschool her children. Those were the greatest and most blessed times of her life. 

In the midst of raising her babies she happened upon a book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. She could hardly believe it - with the help of that book, she began learning to draw! 

She enjoyed exploring her newly found art skills. She drew and learned a little bit about painting with watercolors. Mixed media art entered the scene and she explored that as well. And thus her dream of becoming an artist began to take root and blossom wildly. 

Many years passed, her children grew and got married and her daughter gave her one of the third greatest blessings she had ever received, her first grandchild - a beautiful, precious little girl.

With her children grown and married she had to figure out what she was going to do with the rest of her life. It was a long, hard struggle. How could anything ever compare with being a mama, taking care of her babies and homeschooling them?

So she journaled and explored and tried on different things while she worked on figuring out what to do next.

And now as this next phase of her life as a single, mid-life woman with grown kiddos stretches before her, she’s finally found that thing that lights her up and makes her feel joy and delight - making art and writing stories for children and the young at heart. 

Will this story have a happily ever after? She truly believes it will.