Watercolor dreams


I dreamt of watercolor painting last night. I was mixing gorgeous color combinations and having so much fun painting with them. It was making me feel fulfilled and happy.



I woke up this morning happy and excited to start the day. That doesn’t happen very often, but it’s actually been happening more and more lately – ever since I started painting with watercolor again.

So, some great news:


I won a spot in Danielle Donaldson’s A Color Narrative class!


I am loving it so much!!

I’ve always felt a bit insecure with my color choices, and the whole color theory thing is something I’ve had a hard time grasping.

This isn’t a color theory class. It’s more of a let’s-dive-into-our-colors-and-get-to-know-them-intimately kind of class. Way more fun than color theory! If you get the chance, I highly recommend taking this class (It’s only $48!!).

She’s got us mixing colors and making color samples, but not in the traditional sense. I’m still on the first lesson doing the color mixing charts, but only because they are so much fun to do. There is no set formula – “Mix this color with that.” It is more of a feeling of color and way more fun!

I couldn’t resist skipping ahead though and trying my hand at one of the geode projects she shows us:



I didn’t do it exactly the way Danielle showed us, but I really love how it came out! I’ve started a few more using the leftover paint from my palette.

As soon as I post this, I’m going to dive in and splash around in more fun color combinations!


In other news…

I am out of work. It happened late last week. I have no savings and only about $30 to my name. I’m praying either for some new virtual assistant clients to sign on with me or some other miracle.

I’m doing my best to trust in God and believe that He truly is my provider and will supply all of my needs, including blessing me with a source of income. I’m putting in the work and He will open the right doors for me. Nothing is impossible with God. 🙂


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